sábado, 30 de março de 2013

Time for some Erlang in my life (at last)

For the past two weeks i've been dabbling with Erlang for a project where it makes sense to use it.
WebSockets (hopefully some thousands of persistent connections), Redis, Mongo ...

For someone who came from Java, then Groovy, then Ruby these have been some mind-bending times !

After getting myself acquainted with some new concepts (mostly a new programming paradigm) i finally have a working prototype.

It has been a joy to work with Erlang. There are inumerous resources (repositories, libraries, documentation) and since i'm a google driven developer (yes some people say it's a bad thing but i don't) i've been able to find the needed info to build what i want.
I found myself reading lots of source code for the libraries i use and being able to learn from that is a great way to consolidate knowledge and to be exposed to different coding styles. It will definitely make me a better Erlanger, a better developer.

I'll keep writing about this journey and, probably, will share some info with you !

These are good times. I'm taking new paths and this is what makes developing fun !

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