quarta-feira, 18 de setembro de 2013

Into the unknown: Elixir

Every now and then one feels the urge to adventure himself to new and unexplored territory.

Last week i took the first step into the wild and bought myself a copy of Programming Elixir by Dave Thomas.

Some background on my journey preparation:

  • I've been dealing with erlang for a while (and i'm quite interested in its concepts and philosophy) 
  • I've been doing rails development for some time  
  • I have no background in functional programming paradigm
That said, and after watching a video where Dave Thomas explains why he likes Elixir, and reading this blog post by Joe Armstrong on a week with elixir i thought: this might be it ! It's erlang in a more ruby syntax way !
I must confess i'm not one of those who curses erlang syntax. I do find it quite natural ... but elixir ? Well it's just another level.

I hope you can also give it a try.

I'll try to share my progress as i go along through this journey into the great unknown !